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Hella Seed co

Hella Seed Co.

– Hella Seed co, the breeder, has fire in every pack of seeds I’ve opened.
– Awesome deals and freebies- It’s all fire as well! (Amazing Value)
– Outstanding customer service. You can hit them up on Instagram or via email with any of your questions.
– You get many of the genetics that the top brands are working with for a fraction of the price, and you’re going right to the source in many cases.
– If you’re into making extracts crazy returns on most of their strains.

– Not a massive selection outside of their brand.

Breeders Direct Seed Co

Breeders Direct Seed Co

– Outstanding service, willing to work with you on options to pay.
– Awesome Selection – Many of the top breeders.
-Great Freebies – full packs that you would want to grow.

-Shipping at your own risk. (Never been a problem for me)

Neptunes Seed Bank

Neptune seed bank

– Amazing selection ( almost too much)
– Up-to-date genetics
– Exclusive and limited drops
– Awesome customer service, even when there are issues.

– Payment solutions

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